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celly.jpgI’m sitting in my computer room, looking outside at sheets of rain that are rippling in the air like wind blowing a towel in the breeze. Its Sunday, August19, and right now I’m waiting on the arrival of Hurricane Dean. So far, I haven’t been watching the weather channel, because they seem to be on a scare campaign worse than the U.S. They keep making references to “Katrina” and Dean, as well as projecting several worst case scenarios. When posted yesterday, I didn’t have any fear in my system, until I saw that should the storm fall and grow into a category 5, then we’d be in BIG trouble. Category 5 storms eat homes and people for breakfast. Yesterda, the Prime Minister issued a nationwide message, noting that power would be shut off in the entire Ilsand by 10 a.m (soon!) and then water would be cut off soon after. So i’m here, hoping for the best, but that’s probably all wishful thinking. We work on a system of phone credit here in Jamaica, and I checked my balance today. In the usual message that pops up on screen, which has the balance of my account, they also have a message. “Prepare for Hurricane Dean and move to higher ground

if necessary.”

You know a storm is bad when the phone company starts wishing you well. My mother informs me the hurricane is moving south, meaning the eye is probably not going to pass over the island. Its still going to be bad, she says, and I think about when the Eye of a hurricane passes over and island. Its like the anteater pushing his snout into a terminte colony.

I made a lot of phone calls last night, and I’m waiting for the power to go out. I wanted a hug yesterday but now I don’t know…I think I need something else, something I can’t have: Security.

See you after the storm.

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