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Its been an interesting time leading into my return to school. I’m very inspired to work hard and make the most of my time remaining at University… but this semester is looking evil. So far it looks like I will have 18 credits… and no life. Its not easy to “wild out” and “hunt” when you have tons of assignments to do, plus a job as the school cartoonist. Either way, I’m ready to start my writing schedule of activities. To make sure I do the best I can i’m going to purchase a few books on scriptwriting to get a good sense of it, and a few books on magazine writing. My plan, hopefuly, is to be able to do 2000 words a day (roughly 4 pages) of writing. This will allow me to do 60,000 words a month, give or take. This should be enough for me to finish my current novel, plus do a few other projects. I’m a little tired, but i’m inspired. I’m also going to make another blog which documents the development of my fashion line, which I will post soon. *Yoda voice* – “trying to make it happen, I am.”

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