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I’m in my final year of college, which means I can either go ape-crazy trying to lure gullible freshmen back to my lair of love, or really plan for the near future and set myself up to actually use my degree. So far things are going well, my classes and the whole registration process went smoothly. Howard Univeristy historically has notoreity for bad administration, but this time I had no issues. I logged onto Bisonweb, added my classes and I’m good to go. Add one semi-painful shot in the arm courtesy of the University Health center and I have what I consider a full day. I took a trip to Georgetown today, just to walk around and checkout a sale at Urban Outfitters. I do a little graphic design on the side, and I’m always inspired by seeing graphic tees that remind me how possible it is to break into the logo-tee fashion niche. I also saw some Chuck Klosterman books, which reminds me of my current project, “3 weeks” which is written in that self-effacing narrative.
I think the near future will hold good things, and I’ll detail the processes of my writing. This semester i’m taking a scriptwriting class, which is interesting, because I’ve already penned two full length scripts and a treatment. I’ll get the technical breakdown of the writing process that will take me from amateur to professional. I’ll be doing some more writing for “3 weeks”, which is
pretty much a non-fiction narrative about a guy (moi) who wants to find out what to do with his life in a month stay at home (Jamaica) during this period (unbeknownst to me when I started the book ) I end up partying hard, meeting interesting foreign women (and old flames), go through a hurricane, lose touch with a girl I love and make interesting observations on Jamaican culture and how they relate to my perception of myself and life on a whole… Either way, the project is a departure from my fiction writing, where I like to say I write: “…Like Dean Koontz, but not really.” I was reading On Writing by Stephen King, and he made mention of “in between” writing projects, which allow a writer to breathe before hitting a heavy topic. So, “3 weeks” (or soon to be ‘4 weeks’) was my breather project. A little bit about me, where I’m from and how Jamaica is cool/weird all at the same time. Its a little scary to write it, because it speaks a lot about my personal life, and i’ve always been a little gaurded about my “man-secrets”. Its fun though, and  almost written in the fashion of this blog, albeit with more random references and a coherent story flow. I have to say writing that project (I hit 85 pages after two weeks) was fun, because I had to pace it based on things I was doing. If I wasn’t doing anything, I didn’t write, so it was literally a ‘work in progress’. I took a break for a week, partied hard and had at least another twenty pages of material type up. Then Hurricane Dean hit, and that night I added 6 more pages. My goal is almost achieved. I wanted to type no more than 120 pages for the entire project, and I’m at 91 page now. I belive the story can end after another 29 pages. To balance my effforts, I will try to punch out most of those pages this weekend in my school lab (free paper!) and then do the preliminary editing myself.

I’m planning on creating a group called “10 readers” which is a writing pool of ten people that are set to read one project, give thoughts, observations on errors and writing style, with the intention of polishing the project as best as possible. With ten people, I think opinions and error spotting would be well spread and a project can be fixed up much faster. Plus, a person could brag that they had “over ten people” read their book (they would be number 11). A work in progress.

Time for me to watch some television or continue plotting for my cribs-esque house.

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