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The bolexI’m a bit uneasy today. Not because i’m feeling strange…. well I am a little bit. Returning to school is like doing a school play when you’ve never acted before ( or at least that’s howI fele right now). I’m going through the motions of attending my hellishly long classes ( two of them are over two hours) and trying to figure out which classes will be easy, versus hard. So far, it looks like I will have one easy class, because I took the professor before, but everything else seems like a ton of work. I’ve just recently returned from my Cinematography class, where I fiddled with a bit with loading up a Bolex camera. The camera is sweet–it looks like something straight out of world war two, but its a standard issue semi-grade learning curve camera for basic film

The class looks like it will be both challenging and interestng. My teacher is from
Europe but went to school in L.A so she has that mixture of L.A film-jaded sensibility and a hold-you-by the balls sort of dialogue. That’s the best way I can describe a teacher who uses the word ‘fuck’ in the same sentence as ‘Optimus Prime’. Profanity aside, things are really starting to shape up. After this semester i’ll only have five really classes that i’ll be doing, then its on to the big, wide world. I’m still thinking of grad school but i’m not sure what path to take. I really want to write, and film seems a bit… ‘involved’ as it were…but I’m reserving judgement. Today my screenwriting teacher seemed overly pleased to have a class of young black men doing screenwriting…which is weird because Howard is a black school…but I initially felt a little annoyed that I had to remove my hat..”You are men, ” she told us. I dont’ like that aspect of Howard…where certain professors put there own little philosophies on dress code and “what constitutes real manliness” upon the students. I live in an apartment, I pay thousands of dollars in tuition, I do NOT need a teacher telling me that I must take my hat off, or that if she heard ‘bad things’ about me that I must leave her class.

Either way, that aside, the rest of the class was intersting. We’ll be doing a 30 page treatment of a movie idea we have, as the goal for the semester. As a guy who’s written 37 pages in one day, that seems like a cakewalk. I’m glad to have the opportunity to get inside knowledge on the techincal side of the writing, and it gives me an excuse to pen this really cool movie idea I have.
Now i’m thinking of heading to this place called Bus Boys and Poets. They do poetry on Tuesday nights…I think, and I feel like checking it out. Therefore, I am out.

I went to the lab and wrote four more pages of “Three weeks and ahurricane”. I plan to finish the book in the next week and a half. I’m losing the vibe that comes with writing a new project, and its harder since i’m in the states and the book is based in Jamaica. I dont’ want to get mentally warped by school before I finish the proj.

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