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There has been a lot happening in my life.

So much in fact, that I haven’t been able to do much for the last few weeks. There has been occasional introspection, the odd moment where I’ve been told Mike’s hard lemonade isn’t a “manly” drink, a few interesting situations at Random parties like being handed a brochure for a one man StarWars performance by a guy dressed like Chewie, among other things.

But now, i’m back home. Lately i’ve been in a strange situation. I sometimes think my landlord sits on top of a futuristic looking throne, figuring out ways to give us particularly cruel and unusual forms of punishment. The latest punishment do with a lack of heat. Thankfully, I am back into the warmth. Driving from the airport, I looked at the Rolling green hills in the distance, scanned the vibrant and verdant atmosphere, and I felt at peace. The last time I was at home I was tense for a few reasons, uneasy for a couple more, but this time I feel quite relaxed. Christmas songs have been annoying me recently, and if I hear “Feliz Navidad!” one more time I just might punch the next old lady I see. But hopefully that won’t happen.

I’ve always tried to describe how Christmas in Jamaica feels, but I can never put it into words. It has something to do with it being a little cooler, seeing everything a shade darker, and knowing another year has come to and end. Maybe I’ll write a long post about the things I’ve learned this year as a person and as a writer, but I could write volumes about what i’ve learnt about women more than anything. But … that’s another story.

I feel like writing something, maybe a short story or two to cap the year out, but I don’t know yet. I’m going to watch another Chan Wook Park movie about vengeance after the actions of some really crappy movie. (By the way, Chan Wook Park is a Korean film director :p).

Either way that’s it for now. No stories of weird situations and angst here. I may write some of those later. I would love to drop a tidbit about meeting a swath of European people, each from a different country who all knew each other while I pretended to be a black Scotsman.

Or maybe I’ll tally the number of girls in the last few weeks who’ve said “Let’s go out!” who dissappeared in a blur of voicemails. I dunno.

I’m in Jamaica and its warm. I don’t feel like the cold is sharing my bed and trying to massage me in my sleep in a very uncomortable way.

till such time..

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