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Tonight was the first night in history that we didn’t have our after hours chicken.

My cousin and I were returning from Equlibrium, a party where we quite frankly, came through as a set of the hypest and possibly crazy guys in the building. At one point I entertained conversation with two very cute girls who were of indeterminate age ( I guessed 19 , but they were both 18 *phew*), chatting with Mr. Evil about his artistic pursuits and fandangled a bit with an RETV producer.

Jamaica has a staple sort of part at this time of year, called an “all-inclusive”. A couple of years ago, “all-inclusive” really meant all inclusive drinks, but then a few guys got smart and made something called a “super all inclusive” which was food AND drink, and then the prices for those shot through the roof. Then the guys who made the former “all inclusves” caught on to the trend and then there came forth a wave of “super duper all inclusive” (one of them I attended included, food, drink, strippers AND a coconut man). After this bubble spread for another year or so, everything died down a bit, and super inclusives are just referred to as “all inclusives” now. In fact, if a person is attended a party that costs over two thousand JA (20 US) then they exepect some food in the deal.

So three of us ventured out to this party called Equilibrium. It was in the heart of new Kingston, at a venue called “The Pantry”. It was a nice setup, but I noticed that everyone was wearing white. I was wearing a purple Ricky Martin shirt and my entourage were all wearing dark colours. Needless to say, we lived it up, dancing around our white-clad party going patrons.

I started talking to a woman in the line and it turned out she was a producer for RETV. As we spoke, I took the mic from her hand (there was no camera ) and gave her a mock interview. This delighted her somewhat and she told me to interview my cousin. So the lights came on, the camera was in my face and I was in full form.

I had my VJ moment! I interviewed my cousin, asking him about the food, the venue, and thankfully for him, after two shots and some good food he was very talkative.

The camera came off, and the party raged. It was truly a fun affair. I’ve been partying EXTREMELY hard these last three weeks. I go out almost every night, I’ve been to a good number of the major parties, and this weekend looks like another set of back to back events. I’ve been trying to keep an accurate log of pictures for each of my outings, but i’ve failed miserably.

After the party ended, we were headed to destination : Wally. But Wally and his pan were gone (well, it was about 5:30 a.m ) and I saw him hop into a taxi and wave to us as we left. I dropped my cousin home and drove home in a blurry haze, listening to a motivational speaker blast through the car speakers telling me about visualizations.

Then I hopped into bed, and fell asleep.

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