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I haven’t opened my mail “gleefully” in a while.

I’ve been on a reading binge of late. Reading is truly the writer’s domain for inspiration. Like weed for reggae and rap artists and coke and heroine for rockstars.

I ordered a few books off Amazon that I’m itching to sink my teeth into. I already finished I’m Dreaming of Gwen Stefani, which surprisingly was a book less about the pop-star and more about boilogy, human choice and the concept of love. It was a quick and tasty read. I’m currently about 30% through Fast Food Nation, a book i’ve heard lots about but never read.

After a reasonably interesting Saturday night (realizing i’d made a VERY tall girl sensitive about her height, and trying to get a slice of icebox cake at a birthday party I crashed) I ended up heading over to the house of a friend of a friend to chill and play some Nintendo Wii for a bit. I’ve always been an adamant, die-hard Nintendo fan. When Playstation came out, I told everyone I hated it (though I secretly wished I had been able to play Final Fantasy 7, Street Fighter Alpha and a host of other games) and stuck to my trusty old N64. I’ve owned every Nintendo console before the Wii and my love… and subsequent die-hard status for Nintendo crashed after the Wii came out.

I’m old school, and what we old school gamers LOVED about the latest iteration in a new system was one thing and one thing only: An improvement in graphics. When I played then Nintendo Entertainment System, an ergonomically horrible controller and two buttons (A & B) were sufficient for the level of games they had. They all had something to do with hopping on your enemies head, or running in a straight line. When the Supernintendo came out, I was amazed it had a whopping SIX buttons for me to use, which made sense because the games were more complex and required more functions. Then came the N64, which had 7 buttons, one of which was a trigger. Life with Nintendo was now in full 3d, and as such there was a D-pad and a joystick. Each evolution made sense as we stepped upwards and onwards. Then game the Gamecube, which made me happy, because in my naivety I thought the N64 would have Gamecube quality graphics, but alas, I was young. The gamecube had a modified and interesting controller system, marvelous graphics and games that competed with Playstation and the then newcomer, Xbox.

then came the Wii.

After I heard that the Wii wasn’t even graphically superior to the gamecube (it was basically the same chipset ) and that it was an “interactive” gaming system, my heart fell into my stomach. I was hoping for playing Mario in some ridiculous Open GL, with his hair bouncing as he ran around a dark cityscape, filled with little mushroom men flashing light sabers or something odd. Instead, I was told that I had to hold a wand and gesture towards the screen.

I hated it. This weekend, I realized my beliefs were justified. I played a bowling game and some tennis. The graphics didn’t impress me, neither did the interactive waving of the Wiimote. I wanted a flashy controller, graphics that would be good enough to make me ignore beautiful women for days on end and so on….

I digress… I needed to Nintendo-rant a bit.

So i’ve been reading a lot of books. When I was Wii-hating that evening, a girl who lived at the residence, Chelsea was giving away books. I took a few (including Fast Food Nation) and felt excited to read them. I’ve never read a set of semi-feminist Adult Fantasy books.
“They are really fucked up.” Chelsea said.

Today though, my gem arrived in the mail. It is the quintessential Scifi book: Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

I know Huxley’s book is chronicled in the annals of our modern history in a really cool way and after I saw him on the cover, he looks sort of like a brooding Clark Kent with bigger glasses and that “mad writer with class” type of hair. I was intrigued.

So I’m amped to finished my current book and dive into that one. Then maybe i’ll try and read on of the Adult Fantasy books. Last night I found it a bit ironic that i’m reading a book on fast food, how it is prepared and how it is seriously affecting people’s health, and I almost had a bad crash on my bike on the way to get some Ice cream at 1 a.m in the morning. My stomach was hurting and I felt some Breyer’s would sooth me. Going at least 35 miles an hour, I heard something go KRAAATKKT and the bike fell 30 degrees to the side. Luckily, I have reasonable experience in dirt biking(which helps with reflexes with road biking) so I was able to stop the bike in a way that didn’t cause me major injury. If I had fallen on my side with the bike going that fast, I would probably have a shattered rib or two and maybe a dislocated shoulder.

Somehow, in stopping the bike, the back wheel was bent completely out of shape. After mumbling to myself a bit, I hopped on, and went to get my ice cream anyways. I’m happy this happened, because I was about to sell the bike, and I would have hated for someone to buy my bike and have gotten seriously injured riding it. The bike is now a relic in my living room.

So, the reading continues and I’m diving in, eyes first.

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  1. You heard wrong about the Wii, considering it’s potential for graphical production is significantly higher than that of the GameCube. Hell, the GameCube never got pushed far enough to squeeze all the juice out, and nothing to date has tried with the Wii. There is plenty of potential graphically, and you get the backwards compatibility of using hardware based of the same architectures (remaining PPC and ATi chipsets).

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