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Untitled Design: My tokyo Pecha Kucha Presentation   Leave a comment

I’m happy to announce, that my 2010 Tokyo Pecha Kucha Night presentation titled “Untitled Design” is now live at their official website. Do let me know your thoughts on the presentation when you get a chance to view it! Thanks in advance. You can check it out here. or you can click the images below.

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Published!!   Leave a comment

To all who have been reading my blog over the last two or three years, some of you know I started this as an outlet for writing about the process of getting published. In fact, you read my very blog posts, it’s actually about getting a literary agent, sending out packets, etc… which i never really did that much hehe. Either way, I haven’t been updating at much because I’ve been spending a lot of time blogging while i”m in Japan at my other site, Jamaican in Japan dot com. But i am pleased to say that I have been published here in a literary journal called Yomimono! So it’s amazing for me to be able to share this with you guys. I will try to write the occasional anecdote every now and then.

You can also checkout an interview I did on her website here.


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