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I’m standing beside a guy who’s named after a country in the Middle East. I’m at the club, and for some reason i’m getting random guys like him to approach girls and say hello. I’m buzzed on that adrenaline high of seven days with barely any sleep, a result of a mentally grueling online campaign for my book launch. It has turned me into a machine of purpose, a man rallying the troops for no reason while intermittently sipping on rum and coke. I’m energized because it’s official, I can call myself an author.

Rallying the troops

Rallying the troops

The last week has been a blur of circumstances, people, names and faces. Its good to test the limits of yourself once in a while, mind and body. While doing final edits to the book, formatting graphics and images for four blogs, penning articles and tweeting like a maniac, I must have listened to the Kid Cudi Man on the Moon 2 album like thirty times.

I didn’t realize it before, but it must be a personality trait that allows me to listen to the same things on repeat without losing interest. For example, during the writing of previous novel projects for ten days I listened only to Enya and the first Gorillaz album.

For many that one-mindedness could be considered part of the fuel one needs for an online campaign of this nature. At first I couldn’t process all the “congratulations” because I hadn’t sold a book yet. This novel represents more than my first manuscript, I guess its sort of a reintroduction of myself to the world. I’ve given everyone a chance to swim in the pool of my mind, telling them “Come in, the water’s fine.”

The interesting thing though, is that the apprehension I felt intitialy went into oblivion once i worked on getting the book out there. Issues of fear started to melt because the product I had worked on making was tangible. Eighteen hours a day staring at a computer screen doing the jobs of five people doesn’t give you time to step back. You analyze, you create, you become a machine, you get it done.

Whenever I make something new, whatever issues I had with it go out as soon as I realize that to get bodies behind you, you need relentless exposure. People have to know you wrote a book, know you sing or whatever. We live in a world of passing glances and ADD.

A lot of my time was spending reminding people of things I told them the day before, reminding people of e-mails and clarifying things that we clear in the e-mail. It didn’t really matter at the end. The response was pretty solid in my opinion, my good friends shared like crazy, became mini campaigners and tried to help as much as possible.

I wanted to sell 50-100 books and ended up selling around 46. Is this is start of something fantastic?

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