The Gilded Cage of One Hundred Page(s)   Leave a comment




I’m back at the coveted landmark for my novel writing, which is 100 pages. Now is this really a big deal? I mean does it matter if your manuscript is 100 pages if you are writing a 1,000 page behemoth? Well fortunately for me I am not writing a tome fit to be split into several books. I decided that a good novel length for the projects i like to write don’t need to pass 180 pages. My range is 150-180 pages. For this new novel, I don’t intend on going past 150, so i’m 66% done technically speaking, but it feels more like the home stretch. Five to ten pages a day for a week or so and I should be done with the first draft. But why write a blog post on this? No reason really, i just felt like showing people i’m close to being done. After this i’m going to dive into wrapping up another project, a set of short stories and do some updates on that progress. So i’m up at 4 in the morning doing some writing/patching up and thought i’d post this.




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