The Jam Jamaica   Leave a comment

The Jam is a weekly event currently held at the constant spring golf club in Kingston Jamaica. It has been going on for ten years or so, where professional musicians allow anyone with talent to come on stage and “Jam” with them if they feel to do so. These are photos I took of performers over the last three weeks.

thejam-1 thejam_three-1 thejam_three-3 thejam_three-2 thejam-2 thejam_three-15 thejam_three-12 thejam_three-11 thejam_three-5 thejam_three-16 thejam_two-19 thejam_three-7 thejam-6 thejam_three-13 thejam_two-6 thejam_three-9 thejam_three-10 thejam-4 thejam_two-4 thejam_two-20 thejam_three-8 thejam_two-5 thejam_three-14 thejam-7 thejam_three-17 thejam_two-13 thejam_two-12 thejam_two-11 thejam-3 thejam-8 thejam_two-1 thejam_two-14 thejam_two-10 thejam-5 thejam_two-9 thejam_two-18 thejam_two-8 thejam_two-16

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