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Uwi Carnival 2016   Leave a comment








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The Jam Jamaica   Leave a comment

The Jam is a weekly event currently held at the constant spring golf club in Kingston Jamaica. It has been going on for ten years or so, where professional musicians allow anyone with talent to come on stage and “Jam” with them if they feel to do so. These are photos I took of performers over the last three weeks.

thejam-1 thejam_three-1 thejam_three-3 thejam_three-2 thejam-2 thejam_three-15 thejam_three-12 thejam_three-11 thejam_three-5 thejam_three-16 thejam_two-19 thejam_three-7 thejam-6 thejam_three-13 thejam_two-6 thejam_three-9 thejam_three-10 thejam-4 thejam_two-4 thejam_two-20 thejam_three-8 thejam_two-5 thejam_three-14 thejam-7 thejam_three-17 thejam_two-13 thejam_two-12 thejam_two-11 thejam-3 thejam-8 thejam_two-1 thejam_two-14 thejam_two-10 thejam-5 thejam_two-9 thejam_two-18 thejam_two-8 thejam_two-16

Manhattan Club NYC   Leave a comment

Got the opportunity to chill in this awesome spot for a few days. New York tunup!

manhatclub-5 manhatclub-9 manhatclub-1 manhatclub-2 manhatcluba-1 manhatclub-7 manhatclub-8 manhatclub-3 manhatclub-4 manhatclub-6

Ron & Don’s Birthday Party in Williamsburg   Leave a comment

The Brodies are a few awesome friends of mine from my college days. Good times partying with them as they celebrated the birthday and raged until the sun came up




brodie_bday-13-1 brodie_bday-1-2 brodie_bday-2 brodie_bday-12 brodie_bday-18  brodie_bday-10 brodie_bday-5 brodie_bday-16 brodie_bday-21 brodie_bday-11 brodie_bday-3 brodie_bday-8 brodie_bday-4 brodie_bday-19 brodie_bday-6  brodie_bday-7 brodie_bday-9 brodie_bday-22 brodie_bday-14 brodie_bday-20brodie_bday-23 brodie_bday-24 brodie_bdayme-1 brodie_bday-25 brodie_bday-34 brodie_bdayladiez-1 brodie_bday-30 brodie_bday-26 brodie_bday-35 brodie_bday-32

Mishka Sesame Street Collection launch   Leave a comment

I’m a big fan of lifestyle brands, and I was happy to pass through the launch for Mishka NYC’s Sesame Street collection and snap some photos and chat with cool people.

mishka_launch1500-14 mishka_launch1500-19 mishka_launch1500-28 mishka_launch1500-2 mishka_launch1500-7 mishka_launch1500-37 mishka_launch1500-3 mishka_launch1500-4 mishka_launch1500-5 mishka_launch1500-34 mishka_launch1500-1 mishka_launch1500-21 mishka_launch1500-6 mishka_launch1500-17 mishka_launch1500-9 mishka_launch1500-10 mishka_launch1500-11 mishka_launch1500-12 mishka_launch1500-13 mishka_launch1500-15 mishka_launch1500-16 mishka_launch1500-18 mishka_launch1500-20 mishka_launch1500-22 mishka_launch1500-24 mishka_launch1500-25 mishka_launch1500-27 mishka_launch1500-36 mishka_launch1500-30 mishka_launch1500-31 mishka_launch1500-29 mishka_launch1500-32 mishka_launch1500-33 mishka_launch1500-35

Sky party at the Monarch Hotel   Leave a comment

Hung out with my filmmaker friend for an after party HBO had at the Monarch hotel. Met these lovely ladies from Big Apple Dancers NYC and took a few shots.

monarch_fri-20 monarch_fri-9 monarch_fri-1 monarch_fri-2 monarch_fri-3 monarch_fri-4 monarch_fri-12 monarch_fri-14 monarch_fri-10 monarch_fri-8 monarch_fri-13 monarch_fri-18 monarch_fri-19 monarch_fri-23 monarch_fri-15 monarch_fri-24 monarch_fri-16 monarch_fri-21 monarch_fri-11 monarch_fri-5 monarch_fri-6 monarch_fri-22 monarch_fri-7 monarch_fri-17 monarch_fri-25

Brand New Machine NYC   Leave a comment

I’m always at BNM in Kingston, so it was cool checking out Brand New Machine in NYC and hanging with the dudes from Federation sound. Good vibes!

bnm_newyork-25 bnm_newyork-10 bnm_newyork-4 bnm_newyork-3 bnm_newyork-17 bnm_newyork-5 bnm_newyork-6 bnm_newyork-28 bnm_newyork-27 bnm_newyork-22 bnm_newyork-30 bnm_newyork-11 bnm_newyork-15 bnm_newyork-13 bnm_newyork-20 bnm_newyork-24 bnm_newyork-16 bnm_newyork-18 bnm_newyork-12 bnm_newyork-26 bnm_newyork-29 bnm_newyork-19 bnm_newyork-14 bnm_newyork-23

New School Cave Canem Event   1 comment

Got stuck on a few trains (and went to the wrong school building) but managed to catch the last part of this CAVE CANEM (Cavay Cah-nem) reading featuring some very talented poets.


newschool-2 newschool-6 newschool-7 newschool-4 newschool-3 newschool-5 newschool-8 newschool-1 newschool-10 newschool-12 newschool-11 newschool-9 newschool-14newschool-16

Publishing party in Greenwich Village   Leave a comment

Had the pleasure of being invited to the launch of National Book Award nominee Robin Coste Lewis on the release of her book VOYAGE of the SABLE VENUS, a collection of poems. It was a nice gathering, and good vibes with dinner, wine and signed copies of Robin’s new book.

publishingparty_empty12-1 publishingparty_empty-1 publishingparty_empty-2 publishingparty_empty-3 publishingparty_empty-4 publishingparty_empty-5 me_robin-1 publishingparty_empty-6 publishingparty_empty-7 publishingparty_empty-8 publishingparty_empty-9 publishingparty_empty-10 publishingparty_empty-11 publishingparty_empty-12 publishingparty_empty-13 publishingparty_empty-14

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Licoln Center Poetry Reading   Leave a comment

The poetry society of America had a very interesting reading at the Lincoln Center. Passed thru and snapped a few shots. Was very impressed with the lineup, including National Book prize nominee Robin Coste Lewis and Maria Pontos, a 94 year old poet who closed the event.

lincolnreading_wm-1-3 poetry8-1 poetry3-1 poetry9-1 poetry10-1 lincolnreading_wm-1-2 poetry6-1 poetry12-1 poetry5-1 poetry13-1 poetry11-1 poetry-1-2 poetry14-1 poetry-1 poetry7-1

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