New School Cave Canem Event   1 comment

Got stuck on a few trains (and went to the wrong school building) but managed to catch the last part of this CAVE CANEM (Cavay Cah-nem) reading featuring some very talented poets.


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Publishing party in Greenwich Village   Leave a comment

Had the pleasure of being invited to the launch of National Book Award nominee Robin Coste Lewis on the release of her book VOYAGE of the SABLE VENUS, a collection of poems. It was a nice gathering, and good vibes with dinner, wine and signed copies of Robin’s new book.

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Licoln Center Poetry Reading   Leave a comment

The poetry society of America had a very interesting reading at the Lincoln Center. Passed thru and snapped a few shots. Was very impressed with the lineup, including National Book prize nominee Robin Coste Lewis and Maria Pontos, a 94 year old poet who closed the event.

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NYU poetry reading   Leave a comment

Passed through a poetry reading at the Lilian Vernon center, part of the NYU campus. Good vibes. Featured poet was Rowan Ricardo Phillips.

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Roaming in NYC   Leave a comment

I love the architecture of a big city. I can get lost between the spaces and the places around me. The chill that bites my fingers is cool as well, but more so the touch of persons  everywhere. Garbage lingering on train tracks, graffiti markings everywhere from faceless people I will never meet. It has been a while since I roamed like this, just snapping pictures and not thinking about much else.

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New York Ciddy   Leave a comment

Needed to take a break from Kingston for a few weeks. I haven’t been shooting much of anything… didn’t feel like it mentally. But here is some of what i’ve been up to. This is from a photo shoot I helped my friend with. The young lady is from Brazil. Yes!

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Birdimus World Episode 16: Art Meets Life   Leave a comment

This is the first of my “art meets life” series, where I explain some of the real experiences behind my writing or creative efforts. My book “Naked As The Day” involves a character, who like me, moved to Tokyo to try and do something different with his life. This video gives some background on my actual move to Tokyo, and how I was feeling at the time.  Please comment below if you have any questions! Cheers

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