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This is how I see the world at times. I am a man, standing in a place, some kind of limbo, with nothing but a dark beast in front of me. It stares and snarls, ready to tear me into pieces if I am not at my best and my sharpest. If I am not strong, it will kill me because of my weakness, it will take advantage of my shortcomings and all that I know about myself will fall into its guts, dissolving into things people never want to see.

I write about this because I am a human being. Sometimes I do not possess the perfect capacity to deal with things life throws at me. Often times I wonder where I am, if the world I see in front of me is real, or if the world with the beast is the “real world”.

I am battling for my dreams and also battling for my life. To dream is to live, to dream of more is to want to be more. If I do not fight for my dreams, I am sentencing myself to permanently be in a place with no lights and no bars. I am no one if I do not keep trying. To fight for a dream is to fight for life.

I am writing this from a place of some weakness, but I know strength is there. It has to be.

Or the beast wins.

There is a strange duality to things these days. The world is faster than ever and we are all more distant even though we are more connected. We ask less questions, we assume more and we care less. A glance at a facebook page should say everything about you.  A brief glimpse at a resume equals a life. Real conversations are shadows of what they once were. People have less to believe. They have less time to believe in anything and anyone.

Less people care.

Thus, the world is both feeling and unfeeling.

I think i’m writing this blog post because i’m drifting somewhere else, to a place that isn’t pretty, but as an artist, I can only vocalize my emotions through writing and images like the one I created above.

In my 2010 Tokyo Design Week speech, I talk reference the battle with the beast, the beast inside. It has been such a long, tiring battle, and I fear, of late he is gaining the upper hand, but i’ll stand tall and keep blocking the blows he throws my way, until I can’t anymore.

But i’m getting tired. My resolve isn’t the same and this red place, this quiet limbo, where the beast roams freely and howls at the night sky, I fear it will become my home soon, a place I cannot escape from.

But for as long as possible i’ll stay in this reality, away from the beast, looking forward, towards the light.


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