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Gas Masks and Epic Scenarios   1 comment


This could translate well into written text

There are many ways to write about things; to sit and dream up stuff that makes your toes curl or your heart race, or you can mix it up. I’ve had many an experience, and sometimes I like to test the limits of fun within a specific atmosphere. Jamaicans for the most part (in a club situation ) are pretty laid back. People sip their drinks and dance to music, but there aren’t any women raving on the countertops doing shots and diving face first into a tile floor. I mean i’ve seen girls at the club giving lap dances in skirts so short everybody knew Victoria’s secret, but other than that, it doesn’t get much further out there.

Me and a friend were trying to rally some people up for a Harlem Shake video vibe that night, but the crowd was a bit dead. We wore the gas masks anyway.  I wish someone had taken a picture of me dancing with a girl in the gas mask. I can only hope.

To me sometimes this is the real meat of writing interesting things, testing your own mental borders in both the real and unrealistic world. Dancing with three girls while wearing a gas mask and trying to swallow liquor give you some future creative leeway.

yes, those are twin rifles hidden in her lace stockings

yes, those are twin rifles hidden in her lace stockings

I mean what’s the story of this girl here? Is she some would-be-assassin, a horny girl looking for a guy, or a human cyborg? Even more important, who is the dude beside her dressed like a  fireman street crossing warden hybrid? These kind of things are fuel I gather. Fuel that makes certain books more palatable, because you have reference points, images and moments that you can copy, expand upon, or twist however you want.

Since i’ve jumped back on both the blogging and mentally creative gravy train since I just dropped a novel, Sex Drugs and Jerk Chicken these things have been coming to mind more often. But if you live an epic life, you can write about epic things. Or if you have epic reference points, you can make epic allusions.

I think the point expression is simply to express, to flow through the ins and outs of your own mind, make sense of the raging maelstrom of memories circumstances and data you’ve gathered in your life, regurgitate it in a readable form, and then let the chips fall where they may.

This is an aspect what motivates me to write sometimes, whether i’m writing from the perspective of a Japanese woman (I wrote a story called Misses Cats) or if i’m fiddling with a new concepts. Images, sights  and sounds are the fuel, my mind the channel, and my fingers the weavers of the fabric of my creations.  So, at times I guess its good to be the guy in the mask, or the guy raging behind a model paid to pretend she’s a statue.


Party Rockin at the FICTION RELAUNCH   Leave a comment


I hung out with two of my boys, who are local house DJs. They go by the name of Housing Project and you can catch them on the regular at the Fiction Night Club. There was a relaunch happening last night and they asked me to pass through. It was INSANE. Free drinks, music courtesy of DJ Narity, shrimp balls, celebs and cool people. You can checkout the entire album on my facebook page. Cheers!

Only too happy to take a picture with this lovely little number.

Housing Project doing their thing!

Checkout the full album on my facebook page.


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