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My novel, “Naked As The Day” featured in the Sunday Gleaner   Leave a comment


Article here: — Bird talks Naked As The Day

It has not been an easy last few days for reasons I don’t want to get into too deeply. It seems that whenever I am working on a new project (i’m currently writing a new novel) I am slapped with a significant emotional challenge that forces me to buckle down and believe in myself more. The choked, uneasy feelings that come from an imbalanced emotional state are known to everyone, and everyone knows that when you are faced with a pressing project, or a life of responsibilities, the timing of significantly negative events can raise too many question marks.Things slow down and seem murky and uncertain, and the future doesn’t feel as thrilling or exciting. I was afraid that i’d be looking towards the week in a sad state, especially since my birthday is only in four days. Would another year pass where I’d feel bad about something or i’d be struggling with an issue? Fighting to just feel good about my day to day? I don’t know what the rest of the week will bring, but I received a pleasant surprise today in the form of an article featured in the Outlook section of today’s Jamaican Sunday Gleaner. It speaks about my new novel, “Naked As The Day”, the process behind it, and a few other things. I did the interview several weeks ago but had no idea it would be published today.

As I wrote on facebook, sometimes when we are feeling extremely low and mired in self-doubt, the universe gives us a gift and say to us, “Smile, if even just for today.” I smiled when I saw this and hope I can keep smiling over the next few days. The cover of the issue is below and also the link to the article. I just noticed “Naked As The Day” was featured on the front page!



A ‘Naked’ Book Interview With Jamaipanese Dot Com   Leave a comment

Popular Japanese culture blog, interviewed me about my new book, Naked As The Day. In this interview, I talk about why I wrote the novel and more! Please click here or on the picture to read it! The book comes out in just 3 days on December 10th, 2013, so if you haven’t watched the book trailer or grabbed your FREE chapter yet, head on over to and make it happen!



A young man finds himself in ragingly cosmopolitan Tokyo, haunted by memories of the past, facing an uncertain future. 

When a typical twenty-something year old English teacher in Japan develops severe physical and psychological aversions to his daily routine in a small town, he decides to move to Tokyo with a few months worth of savings in search of more stimulating horizons. As his physical symptoms remain, and now hit with the demands that come with living in one of the world’s most expensive cities, he must take a fast track course in both survival and self-actualization from a host of characters including libidinous transients, self-proclaimed celebrities and kleptomaniac supermodels.  Armed with few skills in the face of an uncertain future, Naked As The Day takes us on an occasionally humorous and poignant journey of human choices and ultimately, their consequences. 

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