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Mishka Sesame Street Collection launch   Leave a comment

I’m a big fan of lifestyle brands, and I was happy to pass through the launch for Mishka NYC’s Sesame Street collection and snap some photos and chat with cool people.

mishka_launch1500-14 mishka_launch1500-19 mishka_launch1500-28 mishka_launch1500-2 mishka_launch1500-7 mishka_launch1500-37 mishka_launch1500-3 mishka_launch1500-4 mishka_launch1500-5 mishka_launch1500-34 mishka_launch1500-1 mishka_launch1500-21 mishka_launch1500-6 mishka_launch1500-17 mishka_launch1500-9 mishka_launch1500-10 mishka_launch1500-11 mishka_launch1500-12 mishka_launch1500-13 mishka_launch1500-15 mishka_launch1500-16 mishka_launch1500-18 mishka_launch1500-20 mishka_launch1500-22 mishka_launch1500-24 mishka_launch1500-25 mishka_launch1500-27 mishka_launch1500-36 mishka_launch1500-30 mishka_launch1500-31 mishka_launch1500-29 mishka_launch1500-32 mishka_launch1500-33 mishka_launch1500-35

Sky party at the Monarch Hotel   Leave a comment

Hung out with my filmmaker friend for an after party HBO had at the Monarch hotel. Met these lovely ladies from Big Apple Dancers NYC and took a few shots.

monarch_fri-20 monarch_fri-9 monarch_fri-1 monarch_fri-2 monarch_fri-3 monarch_fri-4 monarch_fri-12 monarch_fri-14 monarch_fri-10 monarch_fri-8 monarch_fri-13 monarch_fri-18 monarch_fri-19 monarch_fri-23 monarch_fri-15 monarch_fri-24 monarch_fri-16 monarch_fri-21 monarch_fri-11 monarch_fri-5 monarch_fri-6 monarch_fri-22 monarch_fri-7 monarch_fri-17 monarch_fri-25

Roaming in NYC   Leave a comment

I love the architecture of a big city. I can get lost between the spaces and the places around me. The chill that bites my fingers is cool as well, but more so the touch of persons  everywhere. Garbage lingering on train tracks, graffiti markings everywhere from faceless people I will never meet. It has been a while since I roamed like this, just snapping pictures and not thinking about much else.

roaming-2-2 roaming-6 roaming-1-2 roaming-1 roaming-5 roaming-2 roaming-3 roaming-4 roaming-7 roaming-12 roaming-8 roaming-9 roaming-10 roaming-11

Wickie Wackie Live   Leave a comment

Wickie Wackie live is a concert series held in Bull Bay, St. Andrew at the Wickie Wackie beach. I came through, took some photos and videos, wonderful time and vibe. I also did a recap video of my time there below:


jessiechronixx raging1 jessienomadzz raging8 raging9 jessechronraging2

Kingston Dub Club Part Two   1 comment

I wrote an article on about the tucked away and super awesome spot, Kingston Dub Club. You can read the article by clicking here. These are some photos I took during the night.

dub1 dub12 dub10 dub2 dub8 dub13 dub15 dub6 dub3 dub7 dub9 dub4 dub11 dub14

Monday Night in Kingston   1 comment

Experimenting with some night photography.

otherdancers10 copy roadpart112jpg100914 japanesedancerwm roadpart11jpg100914 roadpart18jpg100914 roadpart113jpg100914 roadpart114jpg100914 roadpart12jpg100914 roadpart17jpg100914 roadpart13jpg100914 roadpart111jpg100914 roadpart15jpg100914 otherdancers3WM roadpart16jpg100914 roadpart115jpg100914 roadpart110jpg100914

Fashionable Fridays Part 2   Leave a comment

It has been an interesting experience trying to document street fashion while trying to stay balanced in the whirlwind energy of New York. I try to shoot every day if possible, despite being fatigued a lot with my other networking efforts. cheers

ff2jpg37oot ff2jpg13oot ff2jpg09oot justice1 ff2jpg06oot ff2jpg30oot ff2jpg72oot ff2jpg43oot ff2jpg55oot ff2jpg04oot ff2jpg46oot ff2jpg31oot ff2jpg08oot ff2jpg15oot ff2jpg65oot ff2jpg14oot ff2jpg36oot ff2jpg11oot ff2jpg19oot ff2jpg24oot ff2jpg27oot ff2jpg20oot ff2jpg32oot ff2jpg49oot ff2jpg39oot ff2jpg10oot ff2jpg01oot ff2jpg33oot ff2jpg45oot ff2jpg12oot ff2jpg40oot ff2jpg17oot ff2jpg26oot ff2jpg28oot ff2jpg35oot ff2jpg44oot ff2jpg47oot ff2jpg48oot ff2jpg50oot ff2jpg52oot ff2jpg53oot ff2jpg54oot ff2jpg57oot ff2jpg71oot ff2jpg58oot ff2jpg59oot ff2jpg60oot ff2jpg61oot ff2jpg64oot ff2jpg67oot

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