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I’m chatting to not one, but four girls from poland. In the group are two Kashas, a Veronica, a Corneilia, and a Johanna. This is at what I felt was the end of a good night. I’d already passed through two places (Medusas and Plus 8’s pepperseed party) but somehow I ended up at Weddy Wednesday with two people hanging out. So i’m chatting to people i’ve seen around town, and also a few jacket clad women. I snap a picture with two of them.


I haven’t been to Weddy in a while, but usually when I pass through, i keep to myself, buy a drink or two, and just listen to the music. This time, upon seeing Wee Pow (founder of Stone Love) I requested a picture. Little did I know this would be the theme for the night.


I briefly went to another event and ended up snapping pictures with Lexxus a.k.a Mr. Lex,  John Hype (legendary local dancer), Chi Ching Ching (up and coming dancehall artiste) and the also legendary Labba Labba a super old school dancer who was STILL dancing at the event. It was cool passing through and catching the vibe. Junior Gong was somewhere around as well, but i didn’t feel adventurous enough to try and get a picture with him.







Till next time!

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