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For what seemed like the hundredth time in a few days, a person called my name. I was hanging out at a local drinking hole, my mind still a bit tired and fried from the sleepless two weeks leading up to my online book launch.

My friend looked at me in the eye and said, “So, how is it going?”

Unsure what he was talking about, I replied, “How’s what going?”

“The book thing,” he said.

“Oh that,” I answered.

I said “Oh that” not because I forgot I released a book recently, but i’m actually trying to figure out a plan. What is the next step after releasing a book if you aren’t a famous celebrity or selling a “how to do X thing” ebook? I’m not sure yet,  and i’m trying to figure out how relative brand equity works.

The internet is chock full of similar advice from authors who are reasonably successful, but they all repeat the same thing with no technical details but everyone basically says:

1. Write a good book –> I mean, really?

2. Have a good book cover –> I mean, really?

3. Use Social networks —> this is starting to feel repetitive.

i’m not being negative, but I find that this sort of information is topical. With all the talk of messing with Amazon sales rankings, using Google SEO and keywords, building author platforms and blogs, increasing web traffic and doing PR, being a writer is an entirely new ball game.

I’m not sure if I can sit back and simply say “Write a good book.” I’m sure there are tens of thousands of good books out there, but no one reading them. You need bodies behind you, people in the trenches with your book in their hand. These people need to love what they read, and be very willing to share this with other people.

I’ve already figured this all out, which is why i’m sort of in a mental grey area now. I’m pleased with how my online book launch went, and it was cool briefly popping up #75 on a small bestseller list. But how do I keep it consistent? How do I get to the envious 100 downloads (or more) per day? Is it blogging frequently? Getting an agent? Making a viral youtube book trailer video? I have no idea.

This, I think is the hardest part of being a creative, is that you can’t really “see” certain end results because you don’t know what will stick. There is so much data out there, that trying to process it all and make sense of it can be overwhelming.

At the very least, i’m going to experiment with a few things. I’ve never shot a book trailer, so I’m thinking of how to make an interesting one for my book. Possibly that can get me some sales.

Also, my brand equity is based on me being a sort of “cool dude who wanders around and makes videos”. I’ll have to figure out how to translate that into the book brand.

Shaping who you are in the public eye is one thing, but at the end of the day people need to sit down for six to eight hours and read your book, and then deliver the verdict. So i’m giving myself a week to get some reviews. I’ve received two on Amazon already. (one five star and one four star)

Hopefully if i hit five to six reviews and they are all positive then maybe i’ll start figuring out a bigger brand strategy.

so yeah, at this point in time I really cannot predict the future. I think my book has potential, but i feel like a little fish in an ocean trying to get the attention of a cruise ship passing by.

hopefully that vibe will change soon.

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