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Here you can find information on interviews, photo opportunities, press appearances and so on.




Jamaica Sunday Gleaner Outlook Article for “Naked As The Day” March 16, 2014

Sex Drugs & Jerk Chicken GCaribbean Magazine Feature Jan 17, 2014

Smile Jamaica TV interview Jan 4, 2014

Seba Rashii Culture blog interview for “Naked As The day” Dec 10th, 2013 interview on Naked As The day Dec 7th, 2013 “Sex, Drugs & Jerk Chicken” Interview Oct 7, 2013

Anime Nation (Jamaica) Speech, “Japanese Superhero” Aug 10th, 2013

Brightest Young Things Wonderland ‘Sex, Drugs & Jerk Chicken’ Book Reading Review Aug 7 2013

Brightest Young Things ‘Sex, Drugs & Jerk Chicken’  Interview July 13, 2013

Art Jamaica Interview, July 11 2013

Smile Jamaica Weekend Interview  July 8th 2013

“Kingston Harajuku” Jamaica Observer article Dec 11 2011

Smile Jamaica Interview June 2, 2011

Pecha Kucha Tokyo Design Week Speech July 2010

Yomimono Japan Times article (With story mention) Dec 2010

Yomimono Interview Oct 3, 2010

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  1. Hello , I read the article about the Wondrous World of Kingston Dub Club , the link was posted on the Chicago Reggae nightclub “Wild Hares” facebook page. And just about a week or so ago I just so happen to come across the youtube video of Chronixx performing there. I sought after a few more videos on youtube. Wow what a killer place. I enjoyed it very much and will be reading more of your stories, and perhaps get some of your books.

    Dave Alert

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