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Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records restaurant kicked off its live music series recently with shows by artistes like Kabaka Pyramid and Sizzla Kalonji. I passed through the I-Octane show and took some pictures, with help from my friend Justin Awn. Good vibes!

octane9jpg260914 octane1jpg260914 octane2jpg260914 octane3jpg260914 octane5jpg260914 octane11jpg260914 octane12jpg260914 octane15jpg260914 octane17jpg260914 octane20jpg260914 octane26jpg260914 octane27jpg260914 octane21jpg260914 octane43jpg260914 octane35jpg260914 octane36jpg260914 octane28jpg260914 octane32jpg260914 octane33jpg260914 octane37jpg260914 octane38jpg260914 octane39jpg260914 octane40jpg260914 octane41jpg260914 octane42jpg260914

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Friday Night in Kingston   Leave a comment

The week continues. The night got pretty random after I rolled with Bounty Killa’s crew to escape.

friday9jpg130914friday4jpg130914 friday12jpg130914 friday7jpg130914 metwinswm friday10jpg130914 friday5jpg130914 friday2jpg130914 escape1wm friday1jpg130914 friday3jpg130914 friday11jpg130914

Thursday Night in Kingston   Leave a comment

Hung out at a cool spot called Nanook on 20 Burlington avenue. It’s a weekly jam where anyone is welcome to perform with professional musicians as a backing band.

thursday6jpg130914 thursday2jpg130914 thursday8jpg130914 thursday1jpg130914 thursday9jpg130914 thursday18jpg130914 thursday19jpg130914 thursday16jpg130914 thursday4jpg130914 thursday11jpg130914 thursday3jpg130914 thursday12jpg130914 thursday7jpg130914 thursday10jpg130914 thursday17jpg130914

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Wednesday Night in Kingston   Leave a comment

I passed  through Fiction and snapped some pics. More photo experimentation.

SKANNCHICK2 copy FICWED7jpg110914 FICWED5jpg110914 FICWED11jpg110914 FICWED1jpg110914 threechixb FICWED9jpg110914 FICWED10jpg110914 FICWED6jpg110914 FICWED2jpg110914 FICWED3jpg110914 FICWED8jpg110914

Monday Night in Kingston   1 comment

Experimenting with some night photography.

otherdancers10 copy roadpart112jpg100914 japanesedancerwm roadpart11jpg100914 roadpart18jpg100914 roadpart113jpg100914 roadpart114jpg100914 roadpart12jpg100914 roadpart17jpg100914 roadpart13jpg100914 roadpart111jpg100914 roadpart15jpg100914 otherdancers3WM roadpart16jpg100914 roadpart115jpg100914 roadpart110jpg100914

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