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I can taste the salt on my face, and I know i’ll need to take a bath tonight. For some reason I had an urge to play Tennis today. I happened upon a small knocking session recently, and I thought “why not?” i’ve been playing Tennis for twelve years… why stop now. I have a torn left ACL which makes certain kinds of physical activities a little scary… and when I was playing with this fellow today, I was leading 4-1 in our third set, I felt something twist in my knee and I knew the game would have to end soon. I’m competitive though, and I finished the set. The end score was 6-1, 0-6, 1-6 in my favour. It feels good to be ‘back’.

As i’m walking home though, I realize my knees are both really hurting, so that means ixnay on the ennistay for a while. My laptop has been really acting up, crashing and so forth, which has really interfered with my ability to write at night ( the lab is five blocks away… shrouded in nighttime darkness with the creepiness of DC everywhere) but I’m still trying to maintain.

Already I’m feeling the effects of…

(a) writing 4-6 pages a day for my book
(b) having long classes that require a lot of attention

(c) being required to draw a cartoon (or two) for the paper each day for virtually nothing
(d) trying to eat, sleep and excercise properly between that.

Nonetheless, I plan to buy a new harddrive for my main machine this weekend, which should make life much easier in terms of my graphic design requirements for the paper. Then that machine is more stable, so I’d be able to write easily as well. I had some interesting observations to write yesterday…but I woke up with none of them in my mind…. bloody laptop! I might head to a poetry thing to night, but I still have my 4-6 pages to write, plus other stuff… wish me well.

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